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Eastern Shore Paranormal: Class A EVP.
On the way home from Gettysburg our team stopped at Cecil County Park and took a walk down by the water. I laid my recorder on the picnic table while I took several photos of the bald eagles sitting in the isle of trees out on the water. Kelly was nearby with the Ovilus V.

When the word "Stay" comes up on the Ovilus, Kelly says, “Stay? Okay, I’ll stay. You gonna keep talking to me if I stay?" Next, you'll hear water lapping against the shore, then close to the end of the segment you'll hear a young woman whisper, "Aren't you scared."

Audio captured on 5/14/17 with team members, Terrie McClay, Kelly Payne, Dana Rieder, and Terry Susi.

Audio that our team captured at St. Paul's Cemetery.
Possible EVP about 2 seconds from the end, right after the gust of wind. Sounds like,"Go."
Audio by Terrie McClay on 5.6.17. With Terry Susi.
When our team visited Gettysburg last weekend I kept getting drawn to a spot at the bottom of the hill behind the old barn at the north edge of Reynold's woods. Terry and I walked down there with our recorder and Ovilus V. Several words came up on the Ovilus, including dead, fight, Robert, and gone. While we were there, we captured this audio shortly after the words, Robert gone.
After the gust of wind, what sounds like "I see you," or "I hear you," can be heard.
Audio captured by Terrie McClay on 5.13.17. With  team members Terry Susi, Tom MIles, Dana Rieder, and Kelly Payne

Sheldon Ruins, SC ~ June 3, 2017

Team Investigators: Terrie McClay and Dana Rieder

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Contact: Terrie McClay

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