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Fort Delaware was notorious for its role as a prison, and the majority of those captured came from the hellish battlefields at Gettysburg. General Albin F. Schoepf was in charge of the Fort at that time, and he was known to the Confederate Soldiers as “General Terror.” With nearly 13,000 prisoners kept in wooden barracks, the conditions in Fort Delaware were horrifying. Food rations were tiny and nearly inedible, water was putrefied, and prisoners were so tortured that sergeants would throw rats into the crowds and watch them scramble for a warm meal, all the while laughing at their struggle. Scurvy, smallpox and severe malnutrition were prevalent.

It’s not a surprise, then, that many of the 2700 men who perished in the camp (and even those who lived to see their freedom realized) continue to haunt Fort Delaware, seeking to tell their story to those who walk the haunted halls.

Originally constructed in 1859, the Fort was used as a Prison Camp for Confederate Prisoners of War during the Civil War. Later, it was used as to store guns and protect the ports of Wilmington and Philadelphia during the Spanish American War.

Fort Delaware - October 28, 2017
Investigators: Terrie McClay, Terry Susi, Dana Rieder, Kelly Payne.


Fort Delaware, DE. - October 28, 2017

Second floor - Quarters for political prisoners.

This photo was taken with my Infrared camera. I've taken hundreds of photos with this camera, and the colors vary from shades of blues to pinks to purples. NEVER have I seen this before. There are three people from our group standing by the windows. But what is green object on the right? Several have suggested that it is the spirit of a soldier sitting on his cot. What do you think?

With Dana Rieder, Kelly Payne and Terry Susi.

Photo taken by Terrie McClay.

Fort Delaware - The Kitchen




Fort Delaware, Oct. 28, 2017. The following video and photos were taken in the kitchen.  Terry Susi operated the Xcam SLX while I took photos with my digital Bell and Howell Infrared camera.


My camera captured a dark shadow standing next to the stove at the same time that Terry Susi acquired a blue anomaly in the same position on the right side of the XCam.













Click on the photo above to see the video.

The green acquired anomaly sitting at the table in the video is our guide, Jake. The blue on the right of the screen near the wood stove is another anomaly trying to materialize - what we believe to be the dark shadow in the first two photos.

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Contact: Terrie McClay

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