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Castle Ruins at Jim Thorpe
September 20th, 2017

I took this series of photos at the Castle Ruins in Jim Thorpe on September 20th. This is the order in which the photos were taken as I stood at the base of the hill and zoomed in on the ruins. The following morning while reviewing my photos I notice that there was a spot on one of photographs. I soon discovered that it was not only on one, but on several.


A smudge on my camera lens? My first thought. But as I reviewed the rest of the pictures I was intrigued. Of the hundreds of photographs that I had taken throughout the day, the spot only appeared on those photos that were taken from where I stood at the bottom of the hill.


Could my lens have captured a possible Orb? What do you think? All fedback is welcomed.

Photos taken by Terrie McClay on 9.20.17, with Terry Susi,Dana Lord Rieder, Kelly Schanzenbach Payne, and Lynne Humphries.

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Contact: Terrie McClay

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