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Terry Susi: Paranormal Investigator

My name is Terry Susi. I live in a small town on Maryland's Eastern Shore. My experiences with the paranormal began at a very young age. Having come from a long line of "sensitive" women, any encounters or perceptions I had were freely shared and were treated as normal. It wasn't until I was much older, high school actually, when I realized this was not the norm. Until that point, I just assumed everyone saw spirits, had precognition and out of body experiences.

My mother, her sister, my grandmother and great grandmother all had extraordinary foresight and sensitivity to "vibes" of people, places and things. We shared a history and belief in the ability to "pick up" or sense the vibes or energy lingering after a body's passing or feel the static energy of a spirit crossed into our plane of time. Sometimes these "feelings" are unwanted and at other times, they just seem comfortable. Now, as an adult (HA!), being part of an investigation team with the same open mindedness is refreshing and feels familiar to me, taking me back to a time when magic was real and nothing was impossible.

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Contact: Terrie McClay

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