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Types of Ghosts




Orbs are very common entities and best taken with a camera. They are also referred to as globes of light, globules, energy balls etc. Some of them appear in different colors, while some are white and transparent. Some have faces on them & some give off brilliant light.


Others can be seen with the naked eye, but this is rare because they are often moving or high up in the trees, corners, closets and hidden areas. Speculatively, they’re intelligent since, and when you talk to them and ask them to show up in photos they sometimes do. They are found in haunted places & sometimes non-haunted. They show up night or day and often have a conscious as if they are trying to tell something in photos. They are harmless, and sometimes you can feel them blow past your face. When orbs are in motion, they can have tails on them, or motion trails called plasma, plasmoid trails, or streamers. A camera can catch this more accurately.


Most orbs are transparent in the center, and many believe that their color may actually be what their aura was once like, or reflects how old of a soul they are. Given enough energy, Orbs can manifest. The more energy they gather the brighter they become. Some skeptics say they are dust, or errors in digital cameras. However, they have been captured on many types of cameras in non-dusty environments, even up as high as in trees.


Ghost Lights:

Ghost lights, also called will’o'wisps, spook lights, and earth lights. This phenomenon is unknown, and there are many areas that have ghost lights. This is not a new ghostly happening being talked about. Ghost lights existed as far back as 1656. What they are is most likely many spirits traveling together with enough energy that light is given off. Although scientist have theorized that it’s possible that these are marsh gases rising up, UFOs, sub-atomic particles burning up, many who have followed these lights have gotten lost, disappeared or even faced death. They are a big mystery. Sometimes they look like 100s of traveling glowing balls. Perhaps, they are gateways to the spiritual world, and the dead travel together through them. A lot of areas that have ghost lights have had tragedies happen in them. Areas like train wrecks, massacres, things of that sort.


Apparitions-Disembodied Spirits:

Apparitions and Disembodied Spirits are rare, but an apparition basically is a ghost in its full form--same clothes, usually as they appearance before they died. They will not hurt you, though they may scare you since they appear transparent. At times, they may appear when they want to tell you something & sometimes become desperate to gain attention. They will move things around, make noise, talk, cause disruptions with appliances such as lights, televisions, stereos etc. They are basically the deceased, and they know they are dead. If they still live in the house they died in, they may go around and tidy up, or even try to fix something in the kitchen. Sometime talking to them can generate a response. You may see apparitions of your family members. They may come to visit you, perhaps relate a message by making things happen, such as familiar smells, opening a book, calling on the phone etc. They do seem to show emotions (happiness, anger, sadness) Therefore, they must be treated like the living, with respect.



Spirits are departed souls of the dead. Generally they do not have a form, just a blur or cloud of light perhaps. Everything on earth has a soul. Animals have spirits, and so do we. Most people call them spirit guides, as they will stick by your side and help you deal with life’s tribulations.



These are most common where the ghost, spirit, or entity repeats its last moments before departing. This can be quite dramatic and terrifying. These types of ghosts are called phantoms. They do not know they’re dead, and their imprint from the past is left for the future. An example of this type of phenomenal might be an anniversary of someone’s death, or let’s say a sailor who was lost at sea and the ghost of his lover might show up on the beach every night at 1:00am looking for him because he didn’t return. These ghosts ignore you. You can talk to them, shine lights on them, or whatever, but they just keep going about their business.



This is generally a thick mist, fog, or plasma type of material that shows up on cameras or video. Most ectoplasms look like swirls. However, some people have gotten faces, and morphed souls within the mist while filming or photographing. This ectoplasm is a sign that an apparition is either manifesting or has just got done manifesting. It can appear in many colors.



There are 2 types of vortexes; ones that are funneled like entities, and ones that are a swirl of souls mixing together like a gateway to the spirit realm. These forms are rare, and often the photos are said to be camera straps. Generally their center is darker, and the outside lighter.


Shadow Ghosts:

These are very elusive ghosts. Many theories have come about, referring to them as entities from other worlds, living underground, or ghosts, demons etc. But most fit into the categories of a ghost. They’re usually solid or transparent black. Most are seen near walls as if the shadow has become alive. Often the shadow ghost may have red eyes. They’re very quick, and once you notice them - they either vanish, fade, or move quickly away. They appear to have a human figure with thin arms and legs. However, some appear to have no neck. They do not seem threatening, nor are they very outgoing unlike the apparition.



Poltergeists are noisy or angry ghosts who cannot accept they are dead. The easiest targets are children, since feeding off its fear gives it energy, momentum, and the attention it wants. Poltergeist are said to move objects, bite, growl, scratch, scare, hit, push, vandalize, start fires & so much more. Nobody is sure if these are even ghosts or souls. They may be an entity of some other kind, not as bad as demons perhaps, but they will scare you. Poltergeist are usually considered to be extremely violent spirits who feed off of your fear and grow in power.

A poltergeist haunting is a mischievous activity usually reported in cases involving adolescent children from ages 12 or 13 and into their early twenties. This activity tends to cycle from minor incidents like knocks, cold spots, footsteps, abnormal odor, and can escalate to slaps, objects moving, and even a threatening sense of impending danger. Once it peeks it usually subsides, then surges and retreats. Most of the time in poltergeist cases everyone in the house, including family and friends have shared some type of experience.



Demons are the fallen angels or ancient beings. We can call them lower demeaning spirits where there is so much evil or hate that their soul reflects the true form of a demon. They can materialize, but they often sit back and observe. Demons often have a rotten stench. They usually are humanoid looking, or half beast with horns and human features. Demons are said to have different levels of powers, as some can possess, others can be a nuisance, and it is believed by some that they are looking for souls. They are masters of trickery, and most hate anything holy or human. A lot of hatred comes with these creatures, as they do not feed on negative energy, but rather make it in your life. Demons want to be seen, and many cults will call upon them or deities to do their bidding, so more or less, these are like entities. Many haunted places may have a demon inhabiting it. Often times, ghosts in that area will try to warn you, since even spirits seem to be afraid of demons.



Angels may show up as an apparition on very high speed cameras. They do not really haunt more or less. They are smart, serve a larger purpose, and perhaps keep away the demons and other lesser beings. Often they look human, but are usually believed to have wings.



These phenomena seem to be found near a lot of orbs, vortexes, or in “haunted” locations. They’re not orbs of light traveling fast, but rather stick-like figures that seem to be on the move. Not much is known about them just yet, but they can appear in a variety of colors. Some rods are seen in the sky, and are large, and often called fast moving UFO's. But when you look at a rod up close, they typically look like barbed wire.

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