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Electromagnetic Pumps create a low level magnetic field or magnetic field white noise. Since the frequency and duration changes, think of it as a Beacon or trigger device. Some like to use it in an area to try to capture EVP or Photographic Evidence because the thought is by flooding the area with electromagnetic energy, ghosts may be able to feed off that energy for a possible manifestation.

White Noise: White noise can be used to eliminate background noise on an audio recording to help analyze the recording for listening to EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). White noise can be generated from a CD with white noise sound.


White noise can also be used by a spirits/ghosts to help generate EVPs. If you play white noise during the investigation, it may attract spirits/ghosts. The downside of using white noise is filtering out the white noise once the recording is complete in order to enhance the EVPs.

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Contact: Terrie McClay

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