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Team Members

Terrie McClay: Founder/Page Administrator/Investigator
Terry Susi: Investigator
Dana Rieder: Investigator
Kelly Payne: Investigator


Team Goal


Our team goal is to help individuals and families who are experiencing paranormal activity, find the cause, and try to determine who or what is inhabiting the premises, and what their intentions may be. We do not do exorcisms. 


Aside from private homes, another primary interest is in investigating historical locations.  Just because there has never been any accounts of paranormal activity at a particular site, does not mean there isn't any. Paranormal evidence could be as simple as capturing  children's voices in the basement of a home, or a booming voice from an old textile mill. In a world where paranormal activity occurs we are seekers, venturing into the world of the metaphysics. Though it may not be in the history books, that doesn't mean it didn't happen. Tell us your stories and experiences. 

Our goal is to not make a name for ourselves, but to find and document paranormal activity. All locations, regardless of age, are  looked upon as  "Time Capsules," where ghosts may be waiting to be found. We treat all homes and sites, the things we find within them, and their owners, with nothing but the utmost respect.

Thank you,

The Team

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Contact: Terrie McClay

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